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Montreal, being one of the most vibrant cities in Canada, is also home to some of the biggest retail stores in the nation. Hundreds of furniture stores have made Montreal a home, and out of these, some have stood out as pacesetters in the furniture retail and supply world. Some are big chain stores. Others operate a single store in the city. At any given time, shopping in these top furniture stores, whether they have a city-wide presence or not, will be better than vaguely trying to find your way around a large but poorly run store. If you're new to Montreal and will be staying here for a considerable length of time, you'll certainly need to buy a few furniture items at some point. Knowing the top furniture stores will prove useful. If you're a long standing resident, you probably know all the best stores from which to buy furniture. However, if you haven't bought furniture in years, you might be surprised to find that the list of top furniture stores changed from what it was back in the day, in which case, you may want to update yourself on the new players in the industry and keep abreast of the changes.

Most of the top names in the Canadian furniture industry are big movers in Montreal. These are stores like Sears Canada, United Furniture Warehouse, IKEA Canada, The Brick, Leon's Furniture, Staples, Wal-mart Canada, Costco Canada, and Ashley's Furniture HomeStore. On average, each of these stores has thousands of square feet in store space, with most operating multi-storey stores where customers can access all kinds of furniture. Their vast furniture collection is, to a large extent, what makes these stores stand out. These top retail chain stores offer furniture in both traditional and modern designs, with a greater leaning towards contemporary designs. Some like IKEA are renowned for the affordable price tags they've put on all their furniture. Many in this list, however, have mid to high price points on all their products, which can be explained by the fact that they tend to carry big furniture brands, which are famous for their expensive designs.

But not all top furniture stores in Montreal are big, renowned retail chain stores. Some are much smaller entities but with a working strategy that has seen them command the attention of buyers. For these stores, their commitment to source for unique furniture designs - the kind that you won't find replicated in all the big, cookie-cutter furniture stores - is what has endeared them to customers. Some have only single outlets, but these outlets offer the high quality that many home owners in Montreal are looking for. Zuffa Home is one such store. Specializing in mid century modern furniture and classic replicas, Zuffa strives to offer furniture that is exceptionally designed and constructed. The workmanship is taken a notch higher and rivals most of the furniture you'll find in stores around the city. Great finishing and use of high quality materials all add up to make Zuffa Home one of the top furniture stores in the area. Celadon Collection is another top store, best known for its contemporary furniture. They offer a range of home and office furniture, plus all the accompanying accessories needed to transform any interior space into a beautiful work of art. Their products are sourced from over 30 designers in Canada and beyond. Other notable furniture stores worth checking out are Shivam Importers, Boutique Chez'Art, Euro Style, Kanvass, Style Labo, Asiatica, Dcovia, Newell Furniture, Ameublement CasaVogue, Bonaldo, Ethan Allen, and EQ3.

Shopping in the top furniture stores of Montreal has numerous advantages. The first is that there are thousands upon thousands of furniture products in these stores, which gives you a wider pool from which to choose your furniture. Their product catalogue includes furniture and designs from some of the top furniture makers and designers in the world, and this means they have the best furniture designs from around the globe. Because of the great network of suppliers they have, you are often able to get the furniture you place an order for immediately.The furniture you see displayed in showrooms and the stores' websites is usually in stock and ready for shipping. In the isolated cases where specific items displayed on their websites or showrooms are out of stock, the stores will usually liaise with the manufacturer and place an order for the items on your behalf, after which you should be able to get the furniture within a few weeks, a waiting period dependent on whether the items have to be imported or are being transported from a different part of the country. The other advantage about buying from top furniture stores is that due to the wide variety of products, the prices are also varied. Shop widely in the store and you're likely to come across great bargains. Alternatively, you can shop by price if you're intention is to find the lowest priced products.

Product variety in Montreal's top furniture stores means you can find all kinds of furniture here, and at all kinds of prices. There are lots of cheap furniture going for under $100, as well as a good volume of products retailing at less than $200, which is very affordable by Montreal standards. Mid-priced furniture is voluminous too, with many product lines and collections falling under this category. Here, you'll get individual furniture items whose prices fall between $200 and $1,000. In this category also are furniture sets, which can go for as little as $1000 or retail at upwards of $8,000 depending on the number of items included in the furniture set, the type of material used to make the furniture, and the design of the furniture. Complex designs attract higher prices than simple designs.

Another of the advantages of shopping in a top furniture store is that the store gives you options on how to shop. You can shop by product, material, room, brand or manufacturer, collection, or price. This categorization makes it easy for you to filter what you don't need and focus on what you want. Rather than spending long hours looking through rows of items, you're able to go straight to the section where the items you need are showcased and select your preferred design from there. Again, these top stores allow you to shop online, so that it is not mandatory for you to visit the store physically. Their fully functional websites operate as e-stores and are regularly updated with all the furniture that has been recently added to the store. Whatever is displayed on the website is what you get at the store. When you have to choose from hundreds of designs, sometimes it is easier to do this sieving online, so you can narrow down your interest to two or three designs. Note down their names or model numbers and take these with you to the store when you are ready to buy and request to have a look at them. If the real product does not impress you as much as it did on the website, you can always pick another model. If the item displayed on the store website looks good enough and you're satisfied with the listed specifications, you can complete your oder online and the store will ship the furniture to you. Usually, there is an exchange window during which you can return the furniture if it is faulty or doesn't meet your expectations in certain ways, and get another one. The product exchange policy varies from store to store so be sure that you understand all the terms applicable before purchasing furniture from a particular store.

Buying furniture from top furniture stores in Montreal gives you the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you are getting a premium product whose quality you can trust. Consider getting all your furniture from these stores to enjoy years of good service and reliability from your most frequently used furniture such as sofas, couches, cabinets, and beds. Some of the furniture that you can purchase in these stores includes sofa sets, sectionals, dining tables and chairs, entertainment centers, TV stands, kitchen cabinets and stools, beds, dressers, bedside tables and nightstands, wardrobes, vanities, benches, study desks, display cabinets, and kids' furniture. Furniture prices vary greatly here, and there is a product for every budget. Items are sourced from top furniture manufacturers in Canada, USA, Europe, and elsewhere in the world. As such, you'll recognize some of the most popular brands and furniture collections among those showcased here. Smaller, little known brands are also well represented in some of these stores. Not surprisingly, these brands often have outstanding furniture worth every dollar of the asking price. Because they have to prove themselves in a world full of bigwigs, these small companies stop at nothing to create exceptional products which often rival those of competing, veteran brands. One thing you can be sure of is this: if the product makes it into the display list of any of the top Montreal furniture stores, it is worth a second look.